Would u like to be Stormy Rose‘s personal slave? “I’d love to have you as my personal bondman,” told Stormy. “I’m looking for a gent who’ll cater to my each whim, and I mean each whim. If you are in a meeting with your boss and
I call, I await u to drop everything.”

Stormy Rose is a mastix, and if you’re thinking that you’d love to be dominated by a 50something divorcee with wonderful mammaries and a multi-pierced fur pie, then applications for the position of “Personal Slave” are now being accepted at 40Something. “And if you don’t have a perverted side, then do not even bother applying ‘coz I’ve a very kinky side,” this babe told. “I just might costume u up in a dog collar and leash and lead you around the neighborhood, and if you don’t like it, well, that’s likewise bad, bondman!”

Of course, being Stormy Rose‘s slave has its awards. “I just might have u get down on your knees and lap at my cunt and anus for an hour or
more,” that babe told. “I might invite over one of my hot girlfriends and command u to service her during the time that I call the shots. And I might instruct you to stick
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