Is Jasmine Truly 52 Years Mature?

Is Jasmine Indeed 52 Years Aged?

In Part TWO of our introduction to Jasmine Fields, a 52-year-old writer from Denver, Colorado, we need to know her personally in a one-on-one interview. The first part of this interview is spent discussing a conundrum: If a 52-year-old doesn’t look 52 years aged, can we feature her on this site? U see, we can not brandish the model’s birth certificate or driver’s license, so if the Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK doesn’t look like this babe is over 50, how can we convince you that she’s over 50?

The answer: We can’t. You’re just gonna get to trust us (and Jasmine) that Jasmine‘s 52. And if you do not make almost certainly of us…well, at least take the time to admire Jasmine‘s beautiful face and hot body, and then take the time to relish this interview with a self-described empowered woman who was completely comfortable with fucking on digital camera for the 1st time.

And if you still don’t believe us…well, put it this way: What woman lies about her age and makes herself maturer?

Gotcha there, don’t we?

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