Julianne's One Stop Shop For Cum

Julianne Spencer, Fourty three, is shopping in the Cum Avoid Sex Shoppe, and it’s not a priceless place to be this day because the clerk behind the counter is in a rotten mood. Appears to be as if this lady-killer is been envisaging for a shipment of lube, and it’s still not in. Then that chap sees Julianne, who says, “I haven’t been to one of those places in a long-time, and I am very conservative, and my husband’s very conservative, and I am looking for smth to spice up our sex life.”

Now, you’d think any boy with a pair of eyes would recognize that Julianne is a hawt little number, even in her conservative raiment. But like we said, this chab is in a bad mood, so that lady-killer snaps at her, “You know what your problem is? You need to loosen up a little.”

“What would u suggest?” Julianne says, somehow controlling her temper.

“Well for starters,” he says, “stop wearing that church raiment and kick off putting smth sexier on.”

Julianne points out to the youthful guy that when this babe was younger, she used to wear raiment and fuck-me pumps. And when that Lothario offers that that babe is wearing granny panties, that babe unbuttons her top and proves that there is a Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK hidden below all those sexy raiment. Banging follows. Right there in the centre of the store. But for a conservative married woman, Julianne sucks strapon worthwhile and deep…even if that wang has a funky piercing, which this one does.

Conservative Julianne receives drilled in her mouth and snatch. I wonder what she’ll tell her hubby about this shopping travel. That oughta spice up their sex life!

Julianne's One Avoid Shop For Cum