Lacy’s future son-in-law shags her constricted butt

Lacy's future son-in-law copulates her taut ass

So this young Lothario (he is 24) walks into a house, sits on the staircase and takes out his smartphone to check out a video…a episode of Lacy Cummings banging at That buck likes what he sees. But then, suddenly, the very same Lacy Cummings comes walking down the steps behind him. Golden-haired hair. Taut body. Little blue costume. What’s she doing here?

“I guess you discovered out my indecent little secret,” this babe says, shocking the hell with out him.

“Ummm, apparently,” that petticoat chaser says. “How lengthy have u been doing that?”

“For a little during the time that now,” she says. “I guess you have been wanking to my episodes.”

“A little bit. Is it odd?”

“No,” that babe says. “I guess you’re gonna be my new son-in-law, so we get to learn to trust every other.”

Wait a second…son-in-law? He’s intend to marry Lacy’s daughter?


But there is going to be more to their secret than what Lacy is doing in that episode. Their new secret is her future son-in-law is plan to screw his future mother-in-law, and that ladies man is not just intend to bonk her face hole and cum-hole. He’s plan to copulate her taut butt, likewise, and shoot his man-juice all over her face.

We wonder what Lacy’s daughter would think about that?

“My family members would be glamorous surprised to hear that I was here doing this,” Lacy said.

Lacy on younger men: “The younger sexy guys are always looking at me. There’s something about a old lady that they are really attracted to and makes ’em wild and pliant to me.”

Lacy on anal sex: “It just depends on the situation and the ladies man, truly.”

The situation and the lad today: That babe caught her future son-in-law watching her screw films. Might as well make a sticky situation out of a sticky situation, right?

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