Lascivious in the Leaves

Lewd in the Leaves

Raking leaves is so boring. U have to loathe it, right Megan?
“It is glamorous boring, but I make it enjoyment by getting exposed and playing in the leaves. Everything that’s boring can be made enjoyment just by getting in nature’s garb! And there is no one around to watch me when I rake the leaves so I can get away with it.”

So would you feel constrained if somebody did catch u playing undressed in the leaves?
“No. Indeed I guess it would be kind of hot if somebody was watching me. The solely reason I would not urge anyone to watch me is because I would be afraid that they’d tell me parents. All my neighbors are gossips and my parents are actually strict. But if they could keep a secret then I would not mind putting on a show for ’em!”

Isn’t it a little cold to be getting nude out side?
“It’s not so bad. I have lived in Michigan all my life so I have a high tolerance for cold weather. The worst that happens is that my nipps receive actually hard and I receive goosebumps. But I am valuable to receive stripped outside until November. Although I would like to live somewhere warm so I could tan exposed all year lengthy.”

Do u love to have sex in the great outdoors as well?
“I adore to have sex everywhere,and yep, that includes the out side! I have had sex on a camping travel, whilst hiking, in a park. It is lots of pleasure. The only thing you need to be careful about is getting bitten by mosquitos or ants. Other than that I am all about it. It’s a priceless change from doing it in a bedroom or shower. I love to joke with my friends that one day I’ll be one of those mature people who lives in a nudist colony because of how much I like to walk around exposed. If it were up to me, anyone could be stripped whenever they crave to. It wouldn’t be such a tabu! And now that you mention it, I should probably try to have sex outside one more time previous to winter comes and it’s too cold!”

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