Lin Boyde

There’re two sides to Lin Boyde. There’s the spruce woman who likes take-charge bucks who make romantic gestures, such as bringing her flowers. And then there’s the super-sexy side who does ram like widening her wet crack
in an international men’s mag.

“Taking fotos like this is gorgeous risky for me,” Lin said. “Since I work for a law firm, I’ve to suit fairly conservatively and behave fairly conservatively. When I am not working, I let my wild side come out, but this is charming wild by the standards of majority chicks. But when the opportunity came to be in 40Something, I couldn’t resist.”

“What’s the kinkiest thing I have ever done?” Lin said. “My gent and I had sex in front of a crowd of people. It was laughable ‘cuz even though we were in a swingers’ lap dancing club, we weren’t in the part of the strip club where people usually have sex, so people were watching us and cheering us on. When he came on my face, I swear it was the majority cum I’ve ever viewed. I suppose some of the boys acquire to have been masturbating whilst watching us cuz two of ’em walked over and came on my chest when we were finished. Nice by me!”

Lin Boyde