“Bang my wazoo!”

It is been a whilst since we’ve viewed Luccia. But she’s still very wicked! This little, lusty Latina is known for her like of dick, erotic stamina and fucking her professor (in the DVD F.U., accessible on page 9.) And now she’s moved on to even larger and more nice things! “I’ve lastly started doing anal. I always knew I would like it, and I totally do. It’s the outrageous, most intensive feeling ever!”

Luccia may not have big pantoons, but she has a lot of booty to go around! “With a soaked ass love mine, it would be a shame if I did not like anal.” Wise words for such a young girl! But then afresh, Luccia has always been a sexy step ahead of her more virginal peers. “As pretty soon as I turned Eighteen I started rogering all the time, and I learned a lot very fast.”

Different, but not more awesome. In our pursue up interview with Luccia, we asked her if she preferred getting screwed in her butt now that that babe was into anal. “It depends,” she mused. “It’s all about my mood. Sometimes I want it in my butt, and sometimes I want it in my twat. They the one and the other feel truly worthy, they’re just different. And I’m fortunate to
be experienced to cum from the one and the other of ’em.”

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