More, More, More! How Does Brooke Like Her Love?

Why is Brooke RUBEN back for more?
“Because I like to fuck total strangers in your studio while your camera records each suck and jerk off,” she told. “Because I like the idea of all the boyz sitting home jacking to my fotos and movies.”

She’s got that right! Brooke, a 43-year-old divorcee from Ohio, is the epitome of slender ‘n’ stacked, and cant u just imagine picking her up by her 24-inch waist, dropping her cookie on your cock and screwing her stiff while this babe hangs on for the ride?

“I hope u can imagine it,” Brooke told. “I sure can!”

Now, we’ve already told you about the time that Brooke drilled a male dancer in the V.I.P. room of a club. We have too said you that Brooke enjoys picking up hotties in stores and taking ’em to the dressing room for a quickie. We likewise said you that that babe is a Mother of two. What else can we tell u?

Well, that babe at no time wears straps. This babe loves younger chaps with large jocks. And when she’s alone, which isn’t too often, this babe likes to screw her needy cookie with a large, red, glass fake penis.

“But nothing beats a large, rock hard, real rod,” Brooke told. We don’t think that babe was just saying that to make us feel nice.

More, More, More! How Does Brooke Like Her Love?