I’ll admit I’m not the foremost driver. I like to drive fast and sometimes I do not pay attention to where I’m going. I have had several fender benders but I’ve at no time run over anybody in advance of. But the other day, I ran over this poor guy’s leg. I felt really bad but I couldn’t let him go to the hospital. I unintentionally let my insurance expire.

Moreover, my daughter and I had a lot greater amount fantastic gonna take care of him. We took him back to our abode where we planned on nursing him back to health. We quickly learned that that woman chaser could not walk but that dude could still fuck. My daughter and I gave him the peculiar treatment. We took turns giving this hunk a irrumation. However, it appeared to be his 3rd leg still had more energy. My daughter and I too took turns riding his schlong, being careful not to injure his leg anymore.

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