Well, my daughter Nina is still with out town. But trust me that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a lot going on. I am still a very RICARDO Mama and even though she’s gone, I’m still out having some wild adventures. Today, I was feeling even larger quantity horny than ordinary after my daughter called and told me about all of the batty sex her and her hubby were having as they traveled up the coast.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to top it until in a matter of a hardly any minutes, three different boyz called to talk to my daughter. That’s when I decided I wanted a foursome, smth I had never done previous to. I called them back and made arrangements for them to cum over. They all knew me and expected another trio with my daughter. Instead, it was just me and I wanted to be gang banged. The studs were more than willing to help me live out my dream.

Come watch all the pleasure I had during my very first foursome at Mom Daughter Fuck. Sometimes, I do not need my daughter around to enjoy!

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