Looks like this favourable film teacher just hit the lotto. This chab has no idea what he’s getting into when he comes over to assist out one of his students with the lighting on her films.

The daughter fucked up one of their previous “Mommy Daughter Fuck” shoots not correct, this babe did not have the correct lighting and it came out all darksome. However, the daughter has an idea on where to get some guidance, she has a teacher at the local junior college that might be professional to assist her adjust the brightening in the film.


However, Mother has her own plans. The Daughter wishes Mother to keep quiet around the professor and doesn’t wish the him to see the actual film, the Daughter just wishes some ideas on how to fix the scene. As usual the Mother doesn’t listen to her Daughter and in advance of u know it this favourable teacher is fucking one as well as the other of ’em!

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