Mother Looks Supreme!

The brunette is Desi. This babe is a 48-year-old divorcee from Tampa, Florida. The blonde is Elli. She’s 21. She’s Desi‘s daughter. When Elli came to our studios to shoot for Wicked Neighbors, our sister publication, her Mama decided to tag along… and receive naked for 40Something. Now, this kind of thing doesn’t happen also often, and when it did, we could not pass up the opportunity to prove what we and all 40Something readers have known all along: Honeys acquire better with age. It is not just that Desi has biger mambos and a rounder butt than her sexy daughter. It is that Desi carries herself in a way merely a aged, assured lady can. “I’ve been living in my body a lot longer than my daughter has in hers,” told Desi, who initially debuted in the June ’08 issue. “Eli is a confident girl, and I am pleasured of her, but a 21-year-old cant know what that babe wants. I do.” It is obvious. And in this matchup of experience vs. youth, the winner is obvious, too.

Mother Looks Majority amazing!