Must-See Newbie

Must-See Newbie

Occupation: Vocal coach; Age: Twenty; Born: June 6; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: I do not like ’em; Anal: Merely tiny toys and plugs; BJs: I’m not a cum fan; Masturbate: Yeah!

Ever since this babe was little, Sabina thought this babe was gay. This babe exclusively dated girls for the longest time. Then, some fortunate motherfucker looked handsome to her, and now she’s comfortably ambisexual. “I still love sweethearts. They’re so much more fleshly than bucks, but boys are more aggressive and ardent when they copulate. I was one time in a four-girl fuckfest, but it wasn’t almost as valuable as the girl-girl-boy three-some I had.”

Sabina is studying psychology and sociology in high school, but she likewise has a hippie streak. “I practice herbalism and the healing powers of crystals. There are a lot of ways nature brandishes us how to be more incredible, and I guess lots of people don’t listen to those lessons. View animals. Majority of them don’t fella for life. They try to fuck one another all the time. That is a lesson we should all take from them.

“The 1st time I had sex, it was in a church. It was really the same church that kicked out my girlfriend for being homo. I made her cum whilst I ate her out, and then I rode her face on the altar.”

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