Welcome to 18eighteen mag, Anaya! Tell us all about yourself.
“Thanks! Well, let us watch. I suppose it’s charming obvious
that I am a fan of sweets. At 1st I just liked to eat
candy and ice cream the regular way, but now I prefer
to lick ’em off body parts. An ex-boyfriend of mine
got me into food-play. It started off with us getting
into a food fight in his kitchen, and after all that
playing around we ended up fooling around on the
floor. Since we were already overspread in food, I
thought it would be enjoyment to put whipped ball cream and
chocolate syrup on his 10-Pounder and take up with the tongue it off, like a
banana sundae.”

U need to have made a mess.

“Yeah, but that turns me on. I like to get sticky and
dirty. What’s the difference if it is with sweat and
cum or chocolate and sprinkles? I think ding-dong tastes
good already, but a little whipped man-juice doesn’t hurt!
Either way, it’s going in my mouth.”

Now that we know what u put on your body, what do you put in it?

“Anything that’s long and unyielding! Ramrods are the finest,
but I won’t say no to a cucumber or a banana. Gee, all
this talk is making me hungry. For sex. Right now I
think I could go for 2 tools inside me. One in my
mouth and one in my box. My muff needs to be fed also,
you know. It has a mind of its own and a large appetite
for large dongs. I’m a growing cutie and goo has lots
of nutrients, so I try to get as much as possible.

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