My 1st Screw

My First Fuck

Bella, this is your 1st time in our magazine and you are already screwing!

“This is my first time in your mag, and this was my 1st time fucking, also! I know it sounds bonkers, but I wanted my first time photographed so I could look back on it whenever I wanted. It was important to me that my 1st time be special, and it indeed was!”

So how was your first time, Bella?

“I was a little bit nervous at 1st, especially since I was intend to be in front of a digital camera. But after a hardly any minutes I was able to unwind and enjoy it. I prepared by watching pornos the night before so I could have an idea of what to await. It hurt a little at first when that petticoat chaser popped my cherry, but then it felt indeed worthy.”

Did you have an agonorgasmos your first time?

“Yes. My virgin slit had a good, big agonorgasmos all over this guy’s shlong. I could feel my cum-hole squeezing him as it was happening, and my body got tense and twitchy. After I came I had to rest for a minute coz it was so intensive. But then I was ready to copulate afresh. I wanted he to cum as rock hard as I did. And this chab did…all over my face and scones!”

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