Nasty Neighbors June 2007: 70 Pictures of Casada Pursue

“I was staying over at my boyfriend’s place. I told I would make us coffee, but I could not figure out how to use his coffee perk,” said Casada. “He was teasing me about how useless I am in the kitchen because I cant even cook. I told him there was one thing I’d be priceless at in the kitchen and that is sex. We had spoken about me posing for NN, so I said him to go get his digi camera and he’d get a sex expose in the kitchen so whenever this buck was in there he’d be sure to remember me. When we were done, we had sex right there with me sitting right on the edge of the counter. Now that lady-killer says that he thinks of me doing myself with my toy and then fucking him every time he is in the room. Cooking? Why worry about that when u can receive bawdy cleft.”


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