Wicked Neighbors May 2008: 70 Pix of Brittany

“I usually work the night shift, so I love to spend time outside during the day when I am not sleeping,” said Brittany. “My boyfriend’s house has this large backyard where we hang out. He’s a barman and this woman chaser works nights, also, which is great. So we often acquire bare in the sunshine and fool around. It is way different and greater quantity exciting than just banging in a bed. Certainly I love banging, but I can’t always cum that way which actually bums me out. My husband says I just receive to do it larger amount and it will happen. I sure hope so,” said Brittany. “He receives me off by going down on me or using my toy on me before we have sex, so I don’t miss out on everything. I like screwing in all sorts of positions, and I keep hoping that we’ll try one that will make me cum right away, but it hasn’t happend yet. I’m still likewise chicken to try anal job.”

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