New City Starlett

Georgie made her debut in 40Something in the June ’06 issue. That babe thought she had achieved smth close to anonymity and privacy when she moved from her hometown of Chicago, Illinois to a miniature city about an hour west and north of Chicago. “Things had been hectic in Chi-town, to say the least,” the 54-year-old divorcee said. “First I lost my job as a teacher coz I got caught fucking the principal. Then my hubby divorced me. I needed to discover a place where nobody knew my name and they definitely didn’t know how many times I came! The fact is, lots of good came with out my troubles,” that babe continued. “I got rid of a bad partner, and I gotta be in 40Something, which was very thrilling, especially for a lady who was supposed to be over the hill. But despite that, about a year agone, I decided I needed to receive away from it all. I had to initiate a new life. So I found this qui-et little city and bought a abode in a very nice neighborhood. I figured nobody would know me. Well, that lasted about a day.”

New Town Starlett


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