NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Photos of Brianna Bragg

Brianna, Twenty one, and JEFF, Twenty nine, live in Los Angeles, but visited The SCORE Group’s studios in Miami, Florida, to fuck for the cameras.”I swear, my twat has been moist all the time since we firmed up the plans to do this,” Brianna said. To hell with not having sex for a week or so in advance of the big day, like some couples do, so I’ve read in the mag. We have been banging greater quantity than ordinary not lengthy ago coz we’re the one and the other so damned excited about doing it. Having the digi camera lads watching us in act doesn’t bother us at all because we have swapped partners with worthwhile allies of ours a scarcely any times and all banged in the same room. All I’m worried about is that I might not get lascivious enough and not be competent to have an orgasm. That would be a shame.”

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