NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Specific 151: 70 Photos of Samantha steele

“My husband, MARIO, can’t live with out large mangos. He usually buys Voluptuous, the sister mag to Newcummers that flaunts no thing but angels with naturally large mounds and not the ones who have the titanic implants” told Samantha. “He wanted to take pictures of me and my mambos so that lady-killer could send ’em in for the dilettante section of that mag, but I wasn’t into that ’cause the beauties are mostly real models and the pics are taken by able photographers. So CHESTER got a copy of Newcummers and I acquiesced to pose for him during the time that we were looking throughout it, ’cause I’m an dilettante model and this fellow is definitely an dilettante photographer.”

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