NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Peculiar 148: 70 Pictures of Crystal

“I used to acquire tanalised for my big milk shakes in high-school,” blonde bombshell Crystal told. “A not many times I even cried when people were mean about it. But now I like the attention they receive. I like to wear low-cut shirts and bras that poke them up and out and give me astronomical cleavage. And a boy I’m dating just turned me on to smth recent that I never knew about previous to. This smooth operator calls it ‘titty rogering.’ Have u heard of this? I didn’t until he asked me if this fellow could stick his big thing betwixt my mammaries and fuck them. I was like, ok, whatsoever, but I wound up liking it, and he did, likewise. Titty banging is way nifty!”


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