Kimberly, 20 and LEON, 28, a local, concupiscent couple from Miami invited our photographers to photograph ’em while they screwed in Mike’s apartment. They assured us that they didn’t mean that they were going to do it on his bed: it would be anywhere other than that. They were willing and awaiting and avid to fuck when our camera lads arrived. “We were up all final night banging,” Kimberly said. “We did it 3 times so that PHILIP would be experienced to final. If we’d laid off sex for a week or so like some couples do previous to they do it for the mag, CHRISTOPHER reckons that he’d only be pro to stand about 30 seconds of me mouthing his pecker, or rogering me, before that fellow came. Isn’t that right, honey bunny?” ALEX didn’t answer her.

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