NEWCUMMERS Peculiar 145: 70 Fotos of Meara Metallic

Meara, Twenty and JESSE, Twenty two, were too discharged in an apartment: their apartment in Trenton, New Jersey. They are the one and the other high-school students and have been jointly for 3 years. They decided to fuck for our cameras as a very private souvenir of their relationship, and also–like many students–because they could use the supplementary money and neither of them has time to acquire a part-time job. “It was me who suggested it,” said Meara. “I bought RAY a copy of Newcummers one day as a gag gift. We were looking at it in sofa that night and after looking at the couples rogering, I asked ROBERT if we could do it, too. He was not all that keen at 1st, so I started fondling his jock, and after I’d given him a worthy oral-stimulation this man was all for doing it.”


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