Nice Boys Finish Last

Lowlife scuzzball, hanging out in supermarket parking lot, smoking and spitting, picks up a sexy playgirl. Go figure. Gentlemen, this clip is all the evidence you need that the assholes get all the worthy cuties. This dude talks her into inviting him back to her place, and it turns out she’s just as excited as he’s. For the record, Mia is 20 years mature and was born in Atlanta, Georgia. That babe now lives in South Florida, which is where scuzzballs in parking lots try to pick her up all the time. Not all of them are successful. J-Mac was. “He’s my type.” Yes. Unemployed, uncultivated and lacking the slightest modicum of class. But at least he has a stiff ramrod, which is all Mia cares about, anyway.

Nice Males Finish Last


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