One Hawt Mom

Here’s Jessica Sexton, a miniature little piece of a-hole at just 98 pounds. The kind of mistresse who you could easily pick up, drop onto your knob and bounce up and down. A fuck toy who loves being overwhelmed by unbending, driving weenie. But there is more to this story than “married lady flaunts up at 40Something studio and lives out her forbidden dream.” Much more.

“I like to try out my daughter’s boyfriends,” Jessica disclosed. “I crave to make sure they’re admirable enough for her, so I give ’em a tryout.” What this babe means is that this babe wishes to make sure that their schlongs are valuable sufficient for her daughter’s 19-year-old muff. But, unbelievably, there’s bigger in size amount to this story than that, likewise.

Jessica banged on digi camera when this babe visited our studio. Monica did not. “I had a-hole stab and loved it!” Jessica said of her scene at Which makes us wonder about those boyfriends Jessica tries out for her daughter. A lot of ’em must say, “I think I’ll stick with the Mother.”

One Hot Mom