Ophelia Closes The Deal

Real – estate sales woman Ophelia is showing a house to a prospective buyer. They head to a bedroom where Ophelia, sat on the couch, comes on enormous to the client. That woman chaser apologizes for staring at her cleavage, which is stripped by a blouse unbuttoned beneath the teat line .

What’s he supposed to do, check the plumbing? Well, that guy does that, too: Ophelia‘s plumbing.

But at 1st, the client is confused. Does Ophelia really want hiscock, or is this a sales ploy?

“Now, see, I knew you wanted to do that,” Ophelia says as he lays his hands on her bigtits.She peels off her shirt completely as he massages them thoroughly. In a hardly any minutes, she’s sucking the weenie of a dude she’s by no means met in advance of. What the fuck! Go for it, bro and fuck this floozy while the opportunity is there. The power of the ebon shaft! An tempting lure for centre maturer white bitches! That woman chaser acquires Ophelia on her back, gets her legs in the air and pumps her sensitive shaven fur pie while she groans and makes the ah ah sound. We not ever do learn if this babe made the sale,but the brotha has closed the deal in his own way.

Ophelia Closes The Deal