Ophelia Proves That Woman Realtors Are Sluts

We’ve told it before, we’’ll say it again: Real-estate saleswomen are excited. They’ll use their bra buddies, slits and any sexual attribute they acquire to sell or rent a house or apartment. They might not always let u fuck ’em, but they’ll definitely give u the idea that they’ll let you fuck ’em. But here’s the deal: Do not fall into the trap of signing a contract first and hoping she’ll suck your weenie later. Fuck her first! Acquire her down on her knees with your strapon balls-deep in her throat first, then go home, consider the situation in an intelligent manner, your balls drained of any distractions, then sign. Certainly, that rule doesn’t hold true if your real-estate sales woman is Ophelia. You see, Ophelia is much bigger in size quantity interested in fucking than she is in closing a deal. “Black weenie, white 10-Pounder, it doesn’t matter to me as lengthy as it is unyielding and knows what it is doing,” Ophelia said. In this case, dark weenie. And as Ophelia said us afterward, “It knew what it was doing.”

Ophelia Proves That Lady Realtors Are Sluts