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Feb 21, 2021


Gorgeous and horny, lovely Nata is back for another round of sexy excitement. Her evening gown is a delight that easily lifts to show off her ass and clings to her curves. This hot mommy is eager to cup her tits, squeeze her nipples, and rub her clit as she explores all her most tender spots.

Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Maria Fawndeli gets very wet

Today, 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Maria Fawndeli talks dirty, plays with her big tits and fucks her pussy with her fingers. Near the start of the scene, she has a butt plug in her ass. When she fingers her cunt, we can hear her juices slish-sloshing. The woman is very wet. She gets her legs all the way back so we can see her asshole while she fingers her pussy.

“I’d love to have a man fucking me right now,” she says as she fingers herself.

We’d love to be fucking Maria right now.

Maria has one intense orgasm after another in this very hot solo video.

“I grew up as a religious goodie-two-shoes full of judgments and condemnations,” Maria said. “This really will be a fucking shock to most of those who think they know me.”

60Plus MILFs: How did you find out about this? How did you end up here?

Maria: Well, I’d been releasing the fears, shame and guilt of my youth and religion and thinking about branching out and exploring my sexuality. I told my husband that I would like to be in a sexy 60Plus magazine for my 60th birthday. We looked up several online sites. I like the presentations of the women at and we saw an ad that I responded to. So I said to my husband, “It’s time I branch out.” I was almost 60, and decided for my 60th birthday, “I think I would like to try adult. Maybe see if I can get into 60Plus MILFs.” I figured it was too late to get into 50Plus MILFs, so here I am, and it’s awesome!

60Plus MILFs: Did you contact us?

Maria: Yes! We were looking at porn. My husband and I like to look at porn together. And so we were looking at porn and an ad came up and it went along with exactly what I was thinking about for my birthday, so I said, “I’m going to do that.” So I sent in my pictures, and here I am!

60Plus MILFs: What did you think the experience was going to be like before you came here? Did it turn out different?

Maria: I thought it would be more drawn out with more interplay. A lot more cuts. A lot more, “Stop this position! Go to that position!” And it was more flowing, and I really loved the flow of being who I am and being as natural as I can be and just honest and truthful. It was a lot more like real sex. And it was fun playing with a younger man. I enjoyed that a lot! Especially such a good-looking, young man. He was so nice. This was a wonderful experience, and I would love to do it again.

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The bikini MILF and the Peeping Tom

The bikini MILF and the Peeping Tom

The bikini MILF and the Peeping Tom

In these photos, 43-year-old big-titted hottie Maggie Green catches a peeper in the act, brings him inside and gives him the ride of his life. She stuffs her tits in his face. She sucks his cock. He fucks her tits and fucks her pussy in a whole bunch of positions before cumming in her mouth. The moral of this scene? Don’t be a Peeping Tom? Nope, that’s not it. The moral is, sometimes you just get lucky.

“Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips,” Maggie said. “I have a really long tongue, too. I love spitting on it and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It’s fun. It really is fuckin’ fun.”

According to Brick, the lucky guy in this scene, Maggie’s BJ skills are exceptional. She’s also a great tit-fuck, no surprise.

“I’m built for tit-fucking. I like to do it. It’s one of those things that at first, I was like, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the guy really gets into it, and I like the noise it makes. I do. It’s hot. It makes a hot noise.”

Maggie started out as a superstar of big, natural tits. Now she’s a superstar of big, natural tits and mature XXX. Some women have it all. Maggie is one of them.

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Big tits and fishnet stockings

Big tits and fishnet stockings

Big tits and fishnet stockings

“I can dress conservative or sexy slutty,” said Bella Dea, a busty 54-year-old mother and divorcee from Southern California. Here, she’s obviously going for the slutty look with her short, tight, low-cut dress and fishnet stockings. She succeeds.

“I’ve done a lot of things,” Bella said. “I’ve done makeup for TV and film. I’ve been an esthetician. I was a model. I’m even an ordained minister. But this is the most-fun job I’ve ever had.”

After a brief interview in which we get to know her, Bella gets her big tits out and thinks about her interracial fuck scene at When she reaches down, her pink pussy is already very wet and she’s ready to cum again. She does so by playing with her pussy hard, and she cums loudly.

We asked Bella if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “My conservative friends might be surprised. My liberal friends would laugh and say, ‘That sounds like something she would do.'”

Bella enjoys collecting vintage aprons, reading, traveling and doing volunteer work. She’s not a nudist. She likes wearing crotchless panties. A man can get her attention “by being a gentleman, thoughtful and romantic.” She owns a box filled with dildos, and she masturbates daily. She has sex three or four times a week.

She is the epitome of the L.A. super-MILF. And she’s yours to enjoy.

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Big-titted Maggie fucks the peeper

Big-titted Maggie fucks the peeper

Big-titted Maggie fucks the peeper

On a beautiful, sunny day in South Florida, 43-year-old hottie Maggie Green is wearing a bikini that shows off her big tits and beautiful body. But suddenly, she hears a noise.

“What the hell was that?” she says. “I knew someone was watching me. Get over here!”

The guy, who’s been watching Maggie from behind some bushes, tries to explain himself, but he doesn’t do a very good job of it. Dude, you’ve gotta decide whether you were walking your dog or your cat. And who walks their cat? And what the fuck is a cat-dog?

Well, Maggie’s no dope. She’s onto him.

“I saw you watching me,” she says. “You know what? My son won’t be home for a few hours. Today’s your fuckin’ lucky day. C’mon.”

She takes him inside and stuffs her tits in his face. Then she sucks his cock before offering up her tits for a fuckin’. Seriously, anyone who’s with Maggie and doesn’t take the opportunity to fuck her tits is a fool. He eats her pussy then fucks it hard in a whole bunch of positions before cumming in her mouth.

The moral of this video? Sometimes you just get lucky.

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Anilos - Naughty With Nata

AnilosNaughty With Nata

featuring Nata.

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Feb 19, 2021


We just love the way Nata shows off her sleek figure in light clothes that are just see-through enough to let you get a peek at her soft skin. She is a bit of a tease, but this hot momma will always follow through on her sexy promise by getting naked and going to town on her bald twat.

Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels is horny. That’s not news. Rita is always horny. When this scene opens, she’s rubbing her shaved, wet pussy and talking about how much she wants a big cock down her throat. She grabs a toy and stuffs it inside her pussy.

“So fucking wet,” the world’s horniest mother and grandmother says. “I want you to take your fucking tongue and I want you to stick it in. I’m going to get fuckin’ wet for you. I love fucking myself.”

But she loves getting fucked even more.

Rita gets her tits out. They’re big and juicy. Then she lies back, spreads her legs and fucks her old, well-used cunt with her toy, working it deep, letting us hear how wet she is.

“So fuckin’ wet,” she says.

We can tell.

Then her man shows up. He’s Jonathan Jordan, aka Pussy Bandit, but there’s no pussy to be stolen here because Rita is freely giving it up. Her mouth, too. With Rita lying on her back, he fucks her mouth like it’s a pussy, and she keeps up a steady stream of fuck talk between sucks, gagging herself on his big dick while still fucking herself with her toy.

Then we find out how much of Pussy Bandit’s big cock she can take in her mouth: all of it, down to the balls. And then he fucks her with his big cock.

“I wanna get my cum all over that fuckin’ cock,” she says. “I love seeing your cock in my fuckin’ cunt.”

Somehow, he manages to hold back long enough to fuck her in a whole bunch of positions, and then he cums on her pussy. She rubs it in. Of course she does. She’s Rita Daniels.

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Kami’s Clam

Kami’s Clam

Kami's Clam

Job: Student; Age: 20; Birthdate: December 28; Height: 5’5″; Weight: 116 pounds; Bra Size: 32A; Panties: Anything sexy; Anal: Licking is great; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes.

Kami, short for Camille, is a Russian babe with a cute innie pussy. “I don’t think I’d like having big pussy lips, but I can admire them on other girls. I’ve hooked up with a few girls from my university, and one girl had big pussy lips. It was so much fun licking and sucking on them! I liked how soft they were on my tongue.

“I got my nipples pierced last year. I was scared, but my friend was going to get it done, and I went with her. Once we got to the place, I was like, ‘Fuck it. That looks cute.’ I’m pretty glad I did it. Now, when I have sex, my nips are more sensitive. I could probably cum just from having my chest rubbed.”

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A Passionate Fucking

A Passionate Fucking

A Passionate Fucking

Fresh-faced teen Alena enjoys a passionate, deep dicking in this scene.

First, her guy tongues her nipples and pussy. He takes his time lapping up her pretty slit and stroking her G-spot with his fingers. She returns the favor, sliding her head up and down his giant cock. It feels big in her mouth, and soon she’s experiencing how big it feels in her pussy.

It’s all about Alena’s pleasure as he thrusts deep into her twat. She lies on her side and they pick up the pace, Alena’s titties bouncing as he fucks her harder and faster. She cums, moaning loud and bringing her guy to the edge. He holds back; his work here isn’t done yet.

Alena gets on top and lets him work her slit from below. She takes a break to suck her pussy juices off his dick, then shows us her perfect asshole as she gets fucked doggie-style.

To finish off this passionate fuck, this guy unloads into Alena’s mouth as she smiles. Now, that’s a good girl.

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