Party in the Batty

Party in the Potty

It’s the first day of class and you are already skipping? You’re a bad beauty, Holly!
“I know! But I can’t assist it! My biology class is sooo boring, and I am sooo lewd! I’d rather rub one out in the washroom than go to that lame class. I promise I’ll be on my foremost behavior for the rest of the school year!”

Do u always masturbate in the bath at school, Holly?
“Not always, but tons of the time. If I watch a cute boy in one of my classes who turns me on, I’ll go to the baths and make myself cum while thinking about him rogering me so fine.”

How do you like to be banged?
“I like it when the lad goes indeed deep. It hits all the right spots, and my wet crack will kick off clenching ’cause I am cumming. I do not truly have a much loved position, though. I honestly like ’em all. And some positions are more wonderful with certain boys. It just depends.”

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