Playing Suit Up

Playing Dress Up

What’s up with the heels and the dress shirt?
“My husband is this maturer lad who’s the vice president of a company. Since it would be likewise scandalous for me to work in his office, that ladies man likes it when I suit up love his personal lewd, little office assistant at home.”

What kinds of things do u do for him whilst you are clothed up?
“I bring him coffee and send faxes for him. Whenever that chap drops ram I pick it up off the floor and stick my a-hole in his face. Then I get on my knees and engulf his ramrod.”

How come he doesn’t desire u in the office?
“It would cause too much of a stir. It’s a very conservative place, and I don’t think I would love it much besides. Plus, this stud is married. So we keep anything a secret. Although I have screwed him on his desk during nights when that lady-killer works late.”

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