Prelude to Anal: The Ruthie Hays Interview

Early in this interview, 47-year-old Ruthie Hays from Iowa tells us that she is nervous. To settle her nerves, we had Ruthie FRANK her stud’s penis during the interview, then we let her take a engulf or two. Or 3. A big swallow and swallow, too. Yes, Ruthie might be a midwestern housewife, but this babe sure knows how to engulf.

And fuck. And talk, as well. Cuz although Ruthie started out nervous, that babe quickly got the hang of things and opened up. Like her story about the blowjob group sex that babe had at a clip store in Iowa.

“They have those petite booths u go in,” Ruthie told. “This one has these petite boxes where you put your card in and you can hardly turn around, but they too have brilliance holes. The other one has a daybed and a large TV, and if I see a lad I like, I can say, “Hey, come on in here. I have sucked three or four lads off in there. And I went down to St. CARL to the Hustler store once and sucked off about Twenty lads in there. I am not exaggerating.”

Having viewed what you are about to see, we don’t doubt her for a second.

Prelude to Anal: The Ruthie Hays Interview