Put It In The Aperture!

40SomethingMag: Did u ever play golf professionally?

Persia: I at no time played on the LPGA voyage. I played in some futures events, but I played a high level of dilettante golf. I’ve won the Trans National, and I played in the Western. I not at all went to LPGA qualifying school, but I played in the YOU.S. Non-professional qualifier. I feel I am worthy enough to be a competent. I’m a five-handicap.

40Something: Have u ever thought about teaching golf?

Persia: Yes. I give topless golf tips! And I’m making a in nature’s garb golf clip. I’m combining my two passions, golf and sex. I think it’ll make a gazillion dollars and it’s something nobody else can indeed do. Because even if they wanted to, here’s the problem: If someone on the trip, like Cristie Kerr, truly wanted to do that, take her top off, it would destroy her career. It’s such a conservative game and it would just destroy someone. It’s truly unfair. For sample, I am gonna fuck Seth on the set this day. He’s a Marine and that fellow actually desires to volunteer and go fly and now that this gent is done porn, they will not allow him to be a Marine. It’s just so hypocritical!

This is the scene Persia was looking forward to. Yeah, it’s probably wrong that Seth can’t fulfill his career ambitions. But at least he’s getting his ramrod sucked by a great domme!

Put It In The Aperture!


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