Quite Opposite

Quite Contrary

Wicked Mary breaks the rules!
That babe won’t do her schoolwork. This babe skips class all the time. That babe goes off with fellows. Mary doesn’t like to do what’s asked of her. It’s a wonder that her parents can even acquire her to wear her uniform. “I love wearing my uniform cuz I feel even more wicked in it. I look the same as all my other boyfrends, but I can guarantee you I have got the dirtiest mind of them all.”

What impure things do you think about?
“What places I can go for a shag out of getting caught, and which bloke I would adore to fool around with this day. I’ll eye a bloke I adore and fantasize about how fast I can make him cum with a blowie and a screw. I am also often seduced to flash a random stranger my boobs.”

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