Raunchy Italian Hottie

Our third 50something in this issue (not counting the one 60something, Georgette) is Vivi Ana, who’s relatively new to the United States and says, “I love to make sex in the swing exotic dancing clubs.” Here, this babe is wearing one of the many outfits she might wear to the swing exotic dancing club…under a coat, of course. “The last time I wore this to the lap dancing club, I took off my coat and all of a sudden, I had many males lined up to be with me.”

Those guys at the lap dancing club got into the right line. Vivi Ana‘s sex skills are extreme. Her XXX scene on the web site 50plusMILFs.com is described as follows “This raunchy Italian honey bunny doesn’t mess around. She swallows the Marine recruiter’s penis down to the root, and when that babe gets down there, she sees something else she likes. Balls! So that babe stops engulfing his wang for a moment and buries her face hole in his nut-sac, as if she’s trying to swallow the whole damn thing.”

“I don’t go on lots of dates coz dating is a waste of time,” Vivi Ana said. “If I wanna have sex with a Lothario, I will tell him, ‘I want to fuck you. I desire to suck your weenie. I wanna take up with the tongue your balls.’ I guess a man’s balls are my beloved part of his body. I like to see if I can acquire ’em all the way into my face hole. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt your balls. I will make love to ’em.”

Raunchy Italian Hottie