Enchanting Treat

Sweet Treat

Hey Risa, you look valuable enough to eat. Have enjoyment having your cookie licked?
“I like it! Having a stud go down between my legs, touching with tongue up my girl-honey always makes my toes curl and my eyes roll back. It’s adore ecstasy. My favorite thing is to have him kiss me right after, when his lips and chin are still slick with my cunny juice. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I suppose my love tunnel is totally screwing impressive. And I have gotten to taste quite a scarcely any pussies!”

So u like being with girls and with boys?
“Yeah, but both at the same time is my beloved, although I’ve only gotten to do that a pair of times. It’s the utmost of one as well as the other worlds. I am ambisextrous and there is just smth about being with another beauty that turns me on so much. Girls’ bodies are just so much smoother and softer. Just fondelling and being fondelled by some other beauty acquires me lewd. I’ve even really cum just from making out with a angel before!”

How often are u banging these days?
“Usually about three to four times per day. It sounds love a lot, but my libido is out of hand recently! It’s rock hard for me to discover anyone that can keep up! Luckily my screw buddies do not mind if I shag other people so I have sufficient partners to keep my twat pleased!”

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