Rose Marie

Say hi to Rose Marie, a 58-year-old former nurse from Phoenix, Arizona. For Twenty years this babe was bottled up in a marriage in which her mind loved her spouse but her cum-hole desperately wanted to fuck everything that moved, as long as it had a ramrod attached. Exactly how sexually excited was Rose Marie?

“Put it this way,” this babe told, taking a DD-cup tit without her corset and stroking a nipple. “My dream is to have all the bucks I’ve ever had sex with all acquire jointly for a facial cumshots session with me. I wish their cum all over my face. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘Well, that’s now, Rosie. How about in advance of, when u were married?’ Same fantasy, different idea. I just wanted to have a facial cumshots session with all of my husband’s friends.”

The problem was that Rose Marie truly loved her hubby. That man was a very worthwhile person. Loyal. Hard-working. A nice father. “I’ve always considered myself to be a priceless person, also,” Rose Marie told. “Which is why I reached the point where I just had to get a divorce. The kids were without the house, and me and my partner still weren’t having enough sex, although to be completely fair about it, there is no such thing as sufficient sex for me. I decided to be honest with him. I said, ‘Listen, BOBBY. I love you, I’ve not ever cheated on u and I not at all urge to. That’s why I urge a divorce. If there is such a thing as a nympho, I just might be one, and I do not wanna humiliate u.’

“Sure, this ladies man was upset. But he appreciated my honesty, and we had an amicable divorce. Rose Marie is such an honest person that this babe did not have sex with one greater quantity man until the divorce was last. But on that day, it was as if the floodgates of her cunt opened up and started gushing.

“I’ve been divorced for six years, and I guess there is been only a total of 14 days that I haven’t screwed, and those were the days my kids were home,” that babe said. “I know this might sound a little whorish and sluttish, but the fact is that I have rogered hundreds of males, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is over a thousand now. Not also shabby for a headmistress who fucked merely one smooth operator for Twenty years, do not you think?”

Rose Marie