Ruby Gets Her Man

Nobody ever said life was fair. Let’s say you are out shopping on a hot day. You’re by yourself and ANTONIO from watching all of the hot chicks go by. You unzip your fly and say to yourself, “I need a female.” Chances are, one isn’t gonna materialize with out thin air to take you back to her apartment. It just doesn’t work that way. If you are a guy. But let us say you are a sexy Latina like Ruby Rodriguez. After a day of shopping, that babe is just walking around when she resolves to unbutton the top hardly any buttons of her shirt. Then that babe says “I need a young lad.” Poof! One materializes out of nowhere, driving an SUV and ready to take her back to his place. U watch, that is the difference between guys and honey bunnys. Hotty’s, especially ones who look like Ruby, can receive it nearly any time they wish. Is that fair? No. It is not. But at least we’ve to check out and savour.

Ruby Acquires Her Man