She's Gone About As Far As That babe Can Go

Catherine, a 46-year-old divorcee from Oregon, takes over from the commence of this clip and lets us know what we’re about to watch.

“Today,” this babe says, “you’re plan to have to see me take it up the a-hole. I like the feeling of a large weenie deep inside. See my gap widen wide, cheeks pulled apart, large, big shlong poked up there. I’ve a precious, big woman chaser here today with a monumental pecker. You’re going to watch me take it unfathomable in my arse, the way I like it. He’s intend to fuck me silly!”

Are u still reading, or have u already clicked on the movie scene? If you are still reading, u should know that when her gent exposes up, Catherine says, “This is Bushy, my ladies man for today.” This babe goes right for his ramrod and works her hands over his crotch.

“Wanna stick that large wang in my arse?” she asks.

“Yeah,” Shaggy says.

“I’m going to relish taking that large ramrod up my booty. You gonna fuck me hard?” that babe says.

“Real rigid,” this woman chaser says. “As far as I can go.”

And how far is that? Balls-deep. Just the way Catherine likes it.

By the way, we called her glamour photoshoot “Class A-hole.” There’s totally nothing chic about Catherine in this scene. This babe is just slutty and sexy.

She's Gone About As Far As That babe Can Go