Smoking Hot

“I’ve at not time sucked a boy who didn’t cum faster from my smokin’ blow jobs,” told Lacey Grant, who has entered the swinging lifestyle since making her debut in the December ’07 issue” to her photo-shoot in that posting. “Some men might say they do not like chicks who smoke, but I’ve not at all heard a dude say that during the time that I was sucking his penis and blowing smoke all over it.”

“The 1st thing I do when I give a smokin’ blow job is light up the cigarette real sexily, then blow out the smoke real slowly,” Lacey told. “Then I’ll take the guy’s dick out of his pants, inhale the cigarette some other time, then blow puffs of smoke on it. By this time, the lad is always rock-hard and he’s practically begging me to take him in his throat. So I take one more puff of the cigarette, open wide to take his wang in my face hole and let the smoke float out of my throat and all over his pecker during the time that I’m blowing him. That is when lots of bucks cum.”

Lacey is a very kinky female considering that she’s a housewife and Mom. This babe is a abode dancer in a lap dancing club and is contented of the lap dances she gives. “Most lads shoot a load in their pants in advance of they have a chance to receive a second song,” that babe told. “That might be bad for me money-wise, but it is a great boost to my ego. And that is what counts.”

Smoking Hot