K….this is just the almost any far out thing. A pair nights ago I detected out that one time a week the local pool has a clothing optional daytime swim for adults, and this day I went to check it out and flaunt off my meat to any horny housemamas that showed up. Stud it was wondrous there !


Sure there were a couple less than hot strumpets doing the dog paddle, but there were also some rogering totally hawt M.I.L.F. hotty’s and a pair of them knew I was scoping them out, moving to give me a closer view of their super ravishing soccer Mother slits whilst they swam around. BOING ! I was standing at attention if ya know what…seeing all this horny housewife flesh on unveil, lady-killer whatta rush. As pretty soon as I got home I logged into Milfvixen.com and pumped it to one of my fave Mrs. Jones’


I’m totally hyped about going one time bigger quantity next week and checking out some more of those 30 something nymphos

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