Streched Cunt

Streched Slit

Hey, Jessica! You look gorgeous limber. Are u as supple as u look?
“I’m a little flexible. I used to be way more flaccid but I’ve lost some it, and I am trying to receive it back. One of the almost all outstanding ways to improve your flexibility is to have a husband assist u stretch. This gent was helping me spread my legs to improve my split, and having him so close to my twat got me turned on. I was afraid he’d smell my cookie, but I too kind of wanted him to.”

What made you wanna take bare pix for an adult magazine? That seems love it’d be unexpected of you.
“For the longest time I was the humongous prude. And I was so judgmental of other beauties who had sex; I thought they were all sluts! But then I lastly got laid and anything changed. I started to realize that sex was not smth that
was bad. It’s very nice! I had been repressed until that point, and now that I’m over being so sexually uptight all I wish to do is explore tons of new things. I started having sex with different boyz and trying things I not at all thought I
would. So it was my fresh attitude towards sex that made me desire to take nudes and be in a magazine. I already feel like a natural at it.”

Can you share one of your fresh perverted erotic experiences?
“Sure! My favorite one, and definitely the almost any kinky, is when I had a threesome with a girlfriend of mine and a lady-killer. It was totally unplanned, likewise. Adore, I’d have not ever guessed in a million years that it would have happened. We
were all drooping out and playing the Wii, and I tripped and fell on my girlfriend’s lap, who was on the bed. We started kissing, and I beckoned the lad to come over and I pulled him into the kiss. Then we all got stripped!”

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