Suds and Cum

Suds and Cum

What’s going on here, Sasha?

“I wash cars for my summer job. I urge to save up to go to Europe. I guess this lad just could not contain himself when this smooth operator saw me dripping succulent, bending over to scrub his car. This chab came over to talk to me, and I could see that his penis was hard through his pants.”

What made u decide to fuck this ladies man?

“It was a hot summer day, and I was all juicy and wanted to play. I’m always excited. And when I see a smooth operator with a hard cock it makes me even hornier. My slit got wet when I saw his dick, so I knew we were going to screw. Who says u can’t work and play at the same time?”

Are u intend to be getting any more summer “work” from this lad?

“I’m sure I’ll be getting all kinds of work from him. He told me this smooth operator desires me to come back and clean some stuff in his house. I suppose I’ll wear my little French maid outfit and forget to wear panties that day. I am sure I’ll get a truly precious, rock hard tip that day. Did I mention that I like my summer job?”

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