Sweets for the ravishing

Sweets for the sweet

Welcome back, Vicky! What’s up with the meringues?
“I made them! They’re soooo priceless. I have been getting actually into cooking recently. But the real reason I made them was to have an excuse to go over to my fresh neighbor’s abode.
He is so cute. Ever since the first day this Lothario moved in I could not keep my eyes off him. I’m still a virgin, but I’d love it if this chab were the one to pop my cherry! Hopefully if this smooth operator likes these treats, then he’ll wanna eat the treat between my legs.”

Why do u wanna shag him?
“Because this buck is so cute, duh! And I’ve gotta lose my virginity at some point, right? It might as well be to a really hawt fellow. Not that I know much about ramrods, but I’ve a feeling this lady-killer has a bigger than average one. I have looked at his crotch and this chab has a larger than typical bulge. I hope I can handle all of it!”

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