Scrumptious Tart

Tempting Tart

“My dad should know more worthy than to invite his friends over to the abode. It is obvious that I can’t resist weenie. I mean, I even got suspended from school for giving a oral pleasure in the washroom! And if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that maturer boys like me. And I like ’em also. One of his allies is this tall, brawny lad, and I’d been dying to investigate what this chab is packing.

“Well, I made it happen. I unplugged the router one day when my dad was not home and called him over to fix the internet. I said him I wanted to give him smth and he kind of resisted, but that just made me crave him even more. This man gave in eventually, and wow! His jock was even greater than I expected! He really banged the shit out of me. I had to wash my sheets before my parents got home ‘cuz they reeked of sex!”

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