Tennis Court Tease

For the record, Raquel Sieb does not play tennis. But that babe looks damn good on the court in that little outfit. “I like any outfit that comes off easily,” that babe said, “and I love getting perspired!”

Does Raquel look familiar? This babe should. Regular browsers may remember her from the priceless “how ya doing? Priceless ta get ta know you!” that babe gave us in final issue’s “Video Pick”: Images of Raquel getting her can slammed in the fresh DVD Fuck My Mature Butt 2 and her gleeful exclamation, “I just love a large jock in my wazoo!” “I really do,” this babe added. “People who know me say I always look concupiscent. I tell them, ‘That’s ‘cuz I’m always wanton.’ Even after I get laid, I always want bigger amount!”

This is tennis season, but what Raquel is doing here would receive her thrown without Wimbledon. For one, this babe is not wearing white. And second, we think there’s a rule against the dominatrix-bitch players lying down on the court and widening their wet cracks for all the world to see. “I most like doubles to singles and foursomes to everything else,” this babe told. “I one time had a foursome with two other gals and one very lucky ladies man. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but after that skirt chaser started screwing my cum-hole, this skirt chaser did not wanna fuck the other beauties. This buck just wanted me. They were so nutty when this woman chaser came inside me!”

Raquel is a girly ALBERT. That babe giggles a lot when this babe talks and can’t live out of shopping. When she’s shopping, this babe is usually looking for hot outfit that will make her larger quantity fuckable. “I like wearing miniature tops and taut jeans,” this babe told. “I dress to get attention.” Game, set, match, Raquel!

Tennis Court Tease