There comes a time in everyone’s life when they initiate to realize their fullest potential. For TOM, a 40-year-old bank teller from Manchester, England, it started the day she lastly left her fuddy-duddy hubby Nigel. “There was this delivery charmer,” that babe recalled. “Always very enchanting with a kind word for everyone. For a during the time that, however, all the cuties at the bank would talk about the size of his 10-Pounder. During the time that none of us had really viewed it, this chab always wore these taut pants that left little to the imagination. We joked that this chab looked like this woman chaser was smuggling a diminutive beast down there. In a short time I’d check out that it was not a joke after all. It was late in the day, and I was tending towards the rear entrance. There was a sharp knock at the door, and it was him on the other side. ‘I’m truly sorry,’ this chab said as that gent extended a package towards me. ‘I forgot to drop this off when I came by earlier. I hope it was not very important.’ I quickly realized what it was and reassured him that all would be ok. Since it was pouring rain at the time, I told him to come inside until the clouds passed. One time inside and alone with him, I started talking to him like I at not time have previous to, and I just decided to go for it. ‘You know,’ I said, ‘the girls here are always talking about your…bulge.’ It was so unyielding to say the word, but this chab started laughing. He told, ‘Yeah, I acquire that quite a bit. I haven’t been terribly lucky throughout my life, but I was fortunate in one respect.’

“Since it was out in the open now, I decided to go for it. ‘Can I watch it?’ I asked. I could not believe I actually asked, but I did. That woman chaser looked around to check that no one was in sight, then he told ok and started to unbuckle his trousers. It was mammoth. I mean, absolutely monumental. I stood there speechless for a pont of time, then started to giggle. Words weren’t exchanged; they weren’t necessary at this point. I stepped closer, then started to feel it in my hands. It sprang to my touch, and this chab got rigid almost just now. ‘You know,’ this chab whispered to me, ‘I’ve always thought u were the sexiest female on my route.’ This woman chaser then put his hand on my booty and started to rub. Instantly, I got soaked and started feeling a little lightheaded. Knowing that there was no turning back now, I did what I had merely previously dreamt of doing. I knelt down in front of him and took his huge tool into my throat. It competely stretched out my lips and pressed down on my tongue. At first I worked it slow, looking up at him during the time that I worked every inch further and deeper into my throat. As it got closer and closer to the back of my face hole, I got larger quantity and bigger in size quantity turned on. By now I had one hand fondelling his heavy balls and the other was playing with my clitty. This chab began to moan and was giving me instruction. ‘Yes, baby, that’s it,’ this chab told. ‘Take that cock, work it.’ I was all likewise pleased to chase his orders. I sped up my mouthing as the friction of his rod against my tongue intensified. This smooth operator forcefully grabbed either side of my head with his hands and began face-fucking me.”

“By then I had stopped rubbing my cunt and had sunk 3 of my fingers deep inside. I furiously fucked myself whilst his wondrous meat-thermometer probed closer to the back of my mouth. Lastly, his groans became louder and faster. I could tell this woman chaser was appreciating himself and about to explode. Knowing that I was doing this to him and that I could make a chap feel that way was turning me on extraordinarily. This chab told me that he was about to cum, and that merely made me suck harder. He got silent for a second, gritted his teeth… and then I felt it. An explosion that shot to the back of my face hole so forcefully that it jerked my head back. The feel of his hawt man-cream in my throat sent me over the edge, and now I was cumming, also! I took his palatable ramrod with out my mouth sluggishly, looking up at him the entire way, slurping and swallowing each last drop of his penis juice. Nothing has happened betwixt us since. We’re friendly to each other, as always, and we’ll give every other a knowing smile or a chortle when we’re at work. But I’ll not at all forget the fire this chab unleashed in me.”



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