“I decide back in a super-store, checking in deliveries, preparing return shipments and stuff like
that,” said Marylin. “It’s not a bad job and the money’s okay, so I cant complain. I have plenty of fun
flirting with the delivery drivers. Some of them are always trying to hit on me and, yeah, I’ve been out
with a pair of ’em…more than one time. In fact, it was one of my ‘weekly-guys’ as I call ’em, who took
those images. This dude got a motel room for a change, rather than us rogering in the cab of his rig. When I am
due for some vacation time, I’m going to take a tour with him. The merely thing about it that worries him is
that this chab might not be professional to keep to his schedule ‘coz we’ll be stopping to fuck all the time!”

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