Petite Tart

Tiny Tart

Why are you getting bare outside, Rio? Aren’t you afraid of getting bitten by mosquitos or something?

“That shit doesn’t faze me. A little bite here and there’s worth it to be competent to be naked outside in the sun. I live in Minnesota so I receive to take advantage of the hot, sunny weather during the time that it lasts. I am letting my perky, little love melons and my pussy soak up the warm sun in advance of it gets too cold to even go outside. Maybe I should move to Florida or something.”

If you adore being nude outdoors, does that mean you like to shag out side, likewise?

“I love to shag anytime, anywhere, but out side is plenty of joy. Especially at the beach or in a park with trails and tons of trees. My favourite thing to do is copulate in the rain. I was driving with this lad once and we were stuck in traffic in the pouring rain, so I pulled over into a park. We got without the car and this chab started rogering me right there in the rain. It was so hot, like a scene with out a episode. It made me cum so hard.”

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