“I know these pictures might come back to haunt me one day when I become a bigtime chef as I intend to, but I’ll deal with it if it happens,” Kacie said. “My bloke’s in the navy and he’s intend to the Middle East on his ship for six months, and it was more important to me to let him take these fotos to remember me by and give him something to keep him busy. You know what I mean. The money I acquire from NN will help me to go on a cooking course in France that will teach me a whole lot. I’m gonna indeed miss shagging my bloke. I have by no means gone a month with out sex since I lost my virginity, so six months will be subrigid going for me. And I absolutely love sex. I would shag one time or more each day if I could manage it. So, I guess I’ll get back into flicking the bean (masturbating) greater amount often, and the toy this gent gave me will get tons of use. Hey, having orgasms by yourself is not like cheating, and I hope that I’m powerful willed sufficient not to. My willpower has by no means truly been tested in advance of over anything, much less something as important to me as sex. To make matters worse, I know there will be some men putting the pressure on me coz they know that my man’s away. I really wanna be a valuable hotty for six months, but who knows.”

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