Those are too scanned from an underwater disposable digi camera we used while in the Bahamas in 1998. Toni KatVixen and I went on a THREE day cruise and we even went snorkeling where we saw some immense Manta Rays and so many fish it was just an outstanding experience. Unfortunately we was “forced” to wear floatation devices, I suppose they think that babe might drown, but with her two colossal pointer sisters that babe can’t stay underneath water for long at all, so getting those shots wasn’t an facile thing to do! The final 2 pix are from a very lengthy and very hawt walk on the island that supposedly has the grave of Blackbeard. We not at all detected the grave thanks to the incompetence of the cruise personal that gave us the wrong directions when asked greater quantity than once, but at least we got a not many Tit shots! ~ Torn Rose Bigger amount Here